Rescatux 0.72-beta6 released


Rescatux 0.72-beta6 ISO (688 MB)
(Torrent)MD5SUM: e0a66fc2d7209ee8e997e93e0dd6c882


This is another beta version of Rescatux. The last Rescatux beta was released on November 2019. That’s about three weeks ago.

This new version has two major improvements. Extra xorg packages have been added so that more videocards are supported in Rescatux without having to use the non-free Rescatux. The second one is that many options have been reworked so that they manage devices like hard disks not being found properly.

Rescatux 0.72-beta6

Note: If you don’t like the current background please contribute to 2019 Background should be improved issue .

What’s new on Rescatux

  • Added extra xorg packages to match official Debian live cd ones

What’s new on Rescapp

  • Minor inxi improvements
  • Check for Hexchat binary
  • Handle non found devices properly on many options

Known bugs

  • Unknown behavior when some steps fail (e.g. no hard disks are found) on some options.

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