Rescatux 0.72-beta4 released


Rescatux 0.72-beta4 ISO (685 MB)
(Torrent)MD5SUM: c48f16fc0c509c7b6c682893debad2fb


This is another beta version of Rescatux. The last Rescatux beta was released on October 2019. That’s about three weeks ago.

This new version checks for Gparted, Photorec and Testdisk before running them. A new option called System Info Script based on Inxi has been added. In order to improve usability a generic documentation page for non-documented options has been added. Finally bootinfoscript has been updated to use Debian’s package instead of the outdated custom embedded bootinfoscript.

New Inxi option

Note: If you don’t like the current background please contribute to 2019 Background should be improved issue .

What’s new on Rescatux

  • New 2019 November background

What’s new on Rescapp

  • Gparted, Photorec and Testdisk are now checked before running them
  • Add an specific non-documented documentation page.
  • Added System Info Script (Inxi) option
  • bootinfoscript was updated to use system’s installed bootinfoscript

Known bugs

  • Unknown behavior when some steps fail (e.g. no hard disks are found).

5 thoughts on “Rescatux 0.72-beta4 released

  1. Hi,

    I just discovered your distro. While checking for the md5 sum, I was surprise it failed.
    Indeed, the md5 sum has not been updated.
    Besides, if I may give you an advice, you should turn to sha1 or sha256, since md5 is no longer reliable for many years.
    Looking forward to check your distro.


    1. md5sum has been updated to the correct one.
      Yeah, I already added sha1 and sha256 to the Super Grub2 Disk build. One of these days I need to add it to the Rescatux build.
      Anyways at the uploaded Sourceforge repo there is usually a md5 companion file for the iso although as you might know it’s not very useful security-wise because… you are supposed to have the md5sum in a different place than the iso. So that they don’t get both compromised.

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