Rescatux 0.72-beta2 released


Rescatux 0.72-beta2 ISO (685 MB)
(Torrent)MD5SUM: 19280b16ca8374fb1ee9164a77f6d6e9


This is another beta version of Rescatux. The last Rescatux beta was released on October 2019. That’s about two weeks ago.

This new version puts Gparted back into the iso and updates to Rescapp 0.54b2 which features two important usability updates: An status label will show if an options is ready to start, running or finished. And a new messages box will show every step the option is performing highlighting the most important ones in bold. No more flickering of fast status messages pop-ups as it happened in earlier versions.

Additionally the user is driven first to click into the options to read their manuals and to read the manuals carefully before clicking the Run! button.

Rescapp 0.54b2 highlights important steps in bold

Note: If you don’t like the current background please contribute to 2019 Background should be improved issue .

What’s new on Rescatux

  • Gparted is installed again
  • Make sure log files are open with leafpad program.

What’s new on Rescapp

  • More compact UI
  • Added rescapp title and version to the main UI
  • Advice to choose an option to read its manual
Rescapp 0.54b2 main screen improvements
  • After selecting an option it shows its name in the option screen
  • Advice to read the manual before hitting run on the option screen
Rescapp 0.54b2 advises you to read the manual
  • New status label shows the option being ready to run, running or finished
Rescapp 0.54b2 status label blinking ‘Running.’
  • New messages box that show the actions the option is performing
  • New simple logs containing only steps performed by the option

Known bugs

  • Unknown behavior when some steps fail (e.g. no hard disks are found).

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