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5 thoughts on “Buy Rescatux

  1. – 1-
    the link for shop linux on line is not able to works, please considered that i am not personaly responsable directly or inderctly about this independent of my willing , so it’s mean that there are no correct or honnest justification for this kind of moral and temporal culpabilisation :

    please i would like to download rescatux without to be in force to accepted the french and no-neutral message about propaganda cookies where there are convictions like difference private life or public life and somes conditions of cookies for be able to do a simple download …. !
    internet is a commun road for public and private person with some limitation of speed like on public road with your personal industrial cars ?
    or it’s a natural TOOLS for freely communicate without public message about how you should think before any willing,actions did deliberatly from yourself , i means before arriving on the management of web site ?

    i can’t agree with this force limitation without real justification instead to be a free tool for communicate without INTERFERENCE .
    monsieur thuillier-charmet

    this message can be public and sharing for non-profit organisation only (i want focus that it’s not a ”less tax gift” !)

    1. 1. Updated shoplinuxonline buy it link. Thank you.
      2. The European cookies law. I cannot do much about it. Maybe you can try to download from the torrent and see if they are not requesting you to accept cookies on the torrent website. Anyways I think that you can download the files from sourceforge without having to accept the cookies.

      Internet should be what you are describing but it’s not actually like that. But, that’s an offtopic here.

  2. I want to buy latest version of s Rescatux USB flash drove to fix my SanSung laptp with Intel.Core i7 and 512 GB of memory. Please send me a Reply by Text Message how I can buy Tescatux USB and your price and shipping cost. Thank you!

    David Monroe
    (Address and Phone removed)

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