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    1. Use latest Super Grub2 Disk beta version.
      It has improvements on how to boot from USB in EFI machines.
      We do not support boot when Secure Boot is on though.

  1. Dear Sir/Madam:
    Does super grub2 support booting from “bootable live linux iso files” placed into /boot-isos/ directory on the CD / DVD containing supergrub2 itself? i.e by adding chosen iso files to the said directory on the iso with the help of isomaster before burning it to cd/dvd, so as to make it a multiboot cd/dvd.

    1. Probably not.
      What works is using the proper build methods for Super Grub2 Disk (use the ones from current GIT for sake of simplicity).
      I highly doubt that Isomaster keeps the original boot from Super Grub2 Disk intact.

  2. rescatux 0.30.2 Does not say how you get the main menu?
    Splash screen icon opens with execellent doc on what the main menu screens look like and explains the buttons but does not say how you get the MAIN MENU to execute thoes buttons and the program to restore grub???
    2nd icon on the screen takes you to the desktop directory with many folders but nothing saying HOW do you get the MAIN menu shown in the Doc tutorial?
    Supergrub has same problem, it does not say HOW to re-write the grub file but boots to OS’s fine but does not restore the grub.

    1. Never Mind. It turns out that the documentation menu is the actual Main menu being described in the documentation. it does not say Main but the top page of the tutorial is the actual Main menu’s active buttons described in the doc pages.

      A simple thing would be to have the title say MAIN instead of the program iso name.

  3. I messed up my system by removing an old Bodhi 2.0 partition. After reboot I only saw a black screen with >Rescue …
    I tried everything I read on forums, nothing happened.
    Then I tried Rescatux, made a CD on my laptop and tried it on my good old desktop computer (It’s my photography computer with XP, Bodhi 3.0 and Linux Mint. My photoshop and Lightroom are on tis PC together with all the RAW files)
    It took less than 15 minutes to have the system running with your software and strangely it runs better than before, it boots a lot faster too …. Thanks, you are life savers !

    1. It has the same support as Debian Jessie. So I think it only can read from them but not write to them.
      If you ever test it on btrfs partition and it’s somehow useful that feedback is useful.

  4. Hello
    I managed to make a bootable USB stick (via Yumi as described in the tutorials based on the iso-file super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.02s9.iso.
    On 1 pc it works perfectly (DELL), but on the other it doesn’t (ASUS): it just boots into the second boot option mentioned in the BIOS (which is windows10). Secure boot is disabled on both machines.
    Any idea what I can try to correct this?
    Many thanks,

    1. If you used the windows installer for q4os ,you should be able to just uninstall it from the folder.
      I have both installed for testing purposes ,ie: the iso and also that windows install version.

      Look for a ‘debian’ folder on your harddrive /s and run ‘uninstall-wubi.exe’

  5. Hello,

    Is Rescatux or Super Grub2 Disk able to fix my system when the problem is as follows:

    I set up an encrypted password to Grub2 but weren’t aware about keyboard character limitations in Grub2. I corrected wrong characters on my keyboard to match US English keyboard but there’s still one character that isn’t possible to be typed.
    Then I tried with my Ubuntu Server 18.04 disc in live mode and with that I was able to do everything else but not to save changes.
    Can I get rid of the problem with your software?
    with best regs

  6. I have been using Super Grub for some time now on my dual boot [Mint/W10] on a USB flash drive [which I can remove when Windows needs to ‘restart’ for updates etc.] Really the best solution for me. However as time goes by the list of [Linux] choices grows longer [updates?] Is there a way of removing the items from the list as I do only use the ‘top of the list’ option?

  7. Very useful program for the past 10 years! Saved my bacon many times. I keep a disk with old grub menu.lst so I can always get to supergrub iso. 10 or so windows os + 15 or so linux on multiple drives. I can also use easybcd to set up a boot option in the windows bootmgr – works. When juggling partitions and drives I can always get to an os to fix the problem. Bootice, easybcd, and supergrub, aomei back and partition managers, and diskgenius – never fail to recover/repair the boot.

  8. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to integrate drivers into grub, I would like to start a windows on a special configuration.
    Thank you for your help, I am new to programming.

  9. Hola Adrián,
    Serías tan amable de actualizar rescatux a una versión más moderna de Debian?
    En la siguiente CP, no arranca el sistema, ni de USB ni de DC.
    Muchísimas gracias.
    Can you please update to a newer kernel to support modern machines?
    In the following PC I cannot get it to boot, neither from USB or CD.
    Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.

  10. just a black screen mentiuning debian is free, blah,b blah, blah, comes up after the default auto is selected

    balena etcher should not be recommended, it has a habit of completely frying sata’s turning them to garbage (many people have this complaint, i wish i had read more before using)

    maybe etcher was the problem all along, i don’t know

    also when this rescatux starts it will emit two very LOUD beeps (your volume settings do not control this), very weird and if people in the room are not prepared for it….
    (definitely do not try this in a study hall or library)

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