Super Grub(2) Disk: More than 3,5 million downloads since 2005

Super Grub2 Disk has recently achieved 500,000 downloads on cenatic forge.

I am going to share with you some numbers from old Super Grub Disk, new Super Grub2 Disk and older forges.

  • Thanks to a friend who hosted the web server around 2006, 2007 I setup a tiki-wiki page and counted the downloads on : 53,166 downloads. This was Super Grub Disk probably when I still did not use variables but pre-made constants in many many grub files.
  • Spanish Junta de Extremadura setup a forge specially aimed at Linex project.  Thank you forjamari people once again! I joined them around 2008. No GRUB2 was widely available so this is still Super Grub Disk : 1,603,685 downloads.
  • Then there was a time when Super Grub Disk was self hosted and with four more mirrors. I remember Benjamin and a French guy. Sorry I cannot thank you all properly.
  • Finally I found Berlios where  there are both Super Grub Disk and Super Grub2 Disk downloads: 1,504,207 .

So if we sum up downloads for both Super Grub Disk and Super Grub2 Disk we get: 504,739 + 53,166 + 1,603,685 + 1,504,207 =



It’s difficult to compute a most exact figure. Downloads from when Super Grub Disk had mirrors need to be added. Torrent downloads also. Third party file download site dowloads, et caetera. I let you, the current Super Grub(2) Disk and Rescatux user to imagine it.

Hopefully some years into the future we can see a similar figure for Rescatux 😉 .

You might be interested in reading the Super Grub Disk is outdated post and also the last Super Grub2 Disk release: Super Grub2 Disk 2.00s2 where I thank the current Super Grub2 Disk collaborators and developers whom I almost forgot to thank in this article.

Download Super Grub2 Disk

3 thoughts on “Super Grub(2) Disk: More than 3,5 million downloads since 2005

  1. I copied super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.02s1-beta1.iso to a SanDisk USB drive.

    When I inserted my USB drive to my problem laptop and changed the boot order,

    the following appeared.

    error:unknown filesystem

    Entering rescue mode…

    grub rescue>

    My problem laptop jumps to grub rescue no matter how I change the boot order.

    It does not matter whether I have a CD or USB drive inserted to my problem laptop,

    it always jumps to grub rescue upon power up.

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