Vote on Sourceforge by downloading Rescatux

Sourceforge has selected Rescatux as one of the Projects of the Week, June 23, 2014. That means that in this specific week you can see it as a featured project in Sourceforge frontpage.

If you had thought about downloading Rescatux in the next days I encourage you do to do it before June 30, 2014 so that it is taken into account into the final Project of the Month Voting as explained in Revival of Weekly Featured Projects and Project of the Month Voting .

If Rescatux performs as one of the nine best performing projects by dowloads it will appear in Project of the Month voting poll which I would encourage you to vote in the next weeks thanks to a Sourceforge account :).

So, that’s why I have added some links at the top of article so that it’s easier for you to download it.

Remember that we don’t want to cheat. Just download Rescatux if you had already planned to download it but not before June 30, 2014.

Thank you!

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