Rescatux 0.31 beta 3 released

Rescatux 0.31 beta 3 has been released.

Boot-repair, Os-uninstalle, Photorec and
Boot-repair, Os-uninstaller, Photorec and Testdisk were added as expert options to Rescapp


  • Razor-qt desktop was updated from 4.x version to 5.x version
  • Added a frame so that embedded webpage is seen inside a grey square.
  • Now xchat nickname shows Rescapp version so that accurate help can be given in the chat.
  • Added the following expert tools:
    • boot-repair
    • clean-ubiquity
    • os-uninstaller
    • testdisk
    • photorec
  • Rearranged as an expert tool:
    • gparted
  • Added these CLI programs for experts:
    • extundelete


Rescatux 0.31b3 size is about 424 Megabytes.

Distro facts:

Feedback welcome:
I’ve tried myself the distro in my dev environment for the new options, not the old ones and they seem to start ok. Another thing is doing a full test about their complete functionality. Please test the ISO and report back if something that worked on previous stable versions no longer works in this beta version.

Don’t forget that you can use:

Some little thoughts
I’ve added these expert tools because, basically, I don’t have to implement boot-repair functionality into Rescapp wizard (And the idea is one or two years old :(). Another reason might be because testdisk, photorec and extundelete can be useful in some situations but… again… I would rather include its functionality into Rescapp script (instead of adding disconnected apps).

Not everything is bad because adding these tools has made me add the Expert tools options menu to Rescapp. Now you can find Gparted inside of Rescapp instead of having to search for it in the Start menu.

I’m not sure if I want to freeze 0.31 beta 3 as it is right now or if I’m going to add one of these things: 1. Add more chntpw-ng functionality to rescapp. 2. Improve the Restore Grub and Update Grub to be able to detect Logical Volumes (LVM).

Thank you and happy download!

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