Rescatux for the sysadmin – Linkat’s example

Linkat is an educational Gnu/Linux distribution from Catalonia (Spain). Thanks to the Departament d’Ensenyament institution they offer an adapted Ubuntu version specially aimed at education at their region.

One recurrent sysadmin task in those educational centers is restoring the master image to all the computers in the different classrooms. However, sometimes, the machines refuse to boot.

In such cases you can Restore Grub thanks to the Grub (+) -> Restore Grub option, change root password (now that you are at it) and even setup the right user for the sudoers file (Usually this step is not needed but the video shows how manteniment account is choosen as the sudo default account).

The video that has been made by Cròniques d’Amarok Recuperant GRUB ( Rescatux) people shows how thanks to Rescatux in less than 1 minute 40 seconds you can perform these described sysadmin tasks… even if you are not a sysadmin ;). More than this you are using only one GUI for all of these tasks.

Actually it’s not everything as good as it might seem because I haven’t managed to add LVM support in the Rescapp GUI. It’s my next task in my TODO list ;).

Enjoy the video!

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