Rescatux 0.31 beta 1 released

Rescatux 0.31 beta 1 has been released.


  • System updated to next Debian Stable Wheezy
  • Gparted was updated to 0.12.1 version which includes new option: Attempt data rescue…
  • Gpart package was added so that Gparted attempt data rescue option works ok. It can also be used by expert users.


Rescatux 0.31b1 size is about 396 Megabytes.

Distro facts:

Multi-distro makers warning:

You probably need to update your script to reflect that default kernel is vmlinuz1 instead of old vmlinuz.

Feedback welcome:
I’ve tried myself the distro in my dev environment all the current options and they seem to work ok. Please test the ISO and report back if something that worked on previous stable versions no longer works in this beta version.

Don’t forget that you can use:

Thank you and happy download!

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