Rescatux on distrowatch & development


Last 18 February 2013 the 495th DistroWatch Weekly issue announced the inclusion of Rescatux on distrowatch.

Rescatux’s page on distrowatch

I applied for it 2 or 3 months ago and finally it went out. Rescatux is not very high in the distrowatch stats but that’s not a problem. I prefer having actual improvements in the distro that being at the Distrowatch’s top. That’s the main reason why I check Distrowatch from time to time, to learn about new features found in innovating distributions.

I was supposed to announced this around 20th February but I was quite busy at work. Anyways I wanted to say that apart from being busy the Rescatux development is quite of stalled because I’m waiting for the next stable release of Debian.

It seems that there’s only 100 bugs left to release it. Probably three months maximum and they will release it. Although you never know with Debian.

Around the things that I want to improve in the next Rescatux development there are:

  • I18N (Internalisation). Not complete but somewhat functional.
  • Regenerate Sudoers. Need to force root:root owner and 700 permissions.
  • Crack Windows password (by brute-force) because it seems that some Windows personal folder are encrypted and the reset password option wouldn’t recover those files

So, that’s it from the DEV front. Please forgive me if I cannot reply in the forum as often as I would like to.

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