Rescatux 0.27 released

Rescatux 0.27 Cdrom or USB ISO for x86 or amd64 Mirror #1 Mirror #2
MD5 (371 Megabytes)

Source code and other downloads
Useful Rescatux Options:

  • Restore Grub to the MBR
  • Update Grub Configuration
  • Filesystem check (Fix forced)
  • Fix of Windows MBR (Currently in beta status)


  • Grub install was updated to handle (Open)SUSE instalations with default (Open)SUSE grub2 package.

Some comments about the release:
I was supposed to work on the option that reset windows passwords but I have prefered to do a quick release with that fix to OpenSUSE installations that use grub2. It is interesting how OpenSUSE tweaks grub-install original behaviour so that you are forced to use yast or yast2 to reinstall it to your MBR. I just hope that Debian Live handles NTFS mounts ok so that I can run chntpw without too much hassless from the live cd.

I would like to confirm that grub install option does work well in (Open)SUSE (when you have grub2 package installed). Please comment on the Rescatux forum.

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