Forum is open again

I have reopened Boot Problems Open Source Tools, Super Grub Disk, Super Grub2 Disk and Rescatux Forum.
In order to improve experience and avoid spammers I have added some recaptcha at registration. If spammers are annoying I will have to apply manually recaptcha to post topic page or even try to implement some kind of double recaptcha.

Update: 2 spammers were already trying to register into the forum after being opened even with reCaptcha activated. I have made some hacking on SMF to avoid automated spamming. Let’s hope my hack is robust enough.

Update 2: I disable the forum till I found another better method for avoiding spammers to register on the site. I think I have a great idea for that that involves wordpress. Stay tuned and sorry for any inconveniences.

Update 3: Forum is open again. Enjoy. New accounts might delay one week till they are active.

Another change will impact old forum users. I have choosen Classic YaBB SE theme instead of the default one. The forum is the good old one with tons of information but with a new skin so that it seems that it is a new one. 😉

Enjoy the new questions and answers just after consulting Super Grub Disk and Super Grub2 Disk wiki and Rescatux wiki. And of course the Support rules for the forum.

I am just so excited of opening the forum again! I need some feedback about Rescatux in order to improve it.