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If you need support on boot problems you need to visit and ask help there (probably on the forum) but BEFORE DOING IT here there are some basic rules. If you do not read, understand and obbey the rules there is no support guaranteed. If you obey the rules you will save your time and the people's time that will help you at the forum.

Boot is not a toy

Depending on how you play with SGD or Rescatux you might screw your boot system. Boot is your Life. Your wife can break your marriage if her windows does not boot at all. You can loose your job and many more nasty things. Do not play the hackers (I mean cracker meaning).

Read the documentation

Boot Problems and their solutions as well as examples are good wiki pages where you can find the answer to your question without asking it to anyone.

How to explain what you did with Rescatux

  • (X) Wrong example: I have used Rescatux to fix Grub boot.
  • (V) Right example: I have used: Grub (+) -> Restore GRUB to MBR

Rescatux logs

  • Under Support (+) menu you will find Show Logs option that will show your last operation logs. (0.16 version and up).
  • If you add the Rescatux log as [CODE] [/CODE] in the forum it will great!

How to explain what you did with SGD

  • (X) Wrong example: I have used the Boot Linux option.
  • (V) Right example: I have used: !LINUX! (1) AUTO
  • (X) Wrong example: I have used SGD to Boot Linux.
  • (V) Right example: I have used: Choose Language & HELP -> English Super Grub Disk -> Gnu/Linux -> Boot Gnu/Linux -> 3 hda3 sda3 (hd0,2) hd0s3 ext2fs 18 GB Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 \n \l -> /boot/grub/menu.lst -> Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.18-4-k7

Run partition layout option

Inside the support menu you will find Show Hard Disks' Partition Layouts option. Please use it and copy-paste on your forum post the result of it.

Most of the times it is needed even if you think that your partition layout is not important.

If this option gives you the following output:

pause SGD has succeeded!
SGD has succeeded!

without any partition information it means that Grub does not recognise your partitions. You can often fix this using the Test Disk program. I cannot advice you on how to use it, I do not know how it works and when it might fail or not. Use it at your own risk.