Winpass development and chntpw interaction problem


I just wanted to share with you that I have been working a bit on winpass, that Rescatux option inspired on Trinity Rescue Kit’s winpass script that will let you reset your Windows password (mainly blanking it).


I have managed to extract in an automated manner the windows user, prompt the user to choose one of them.

The problem comes when one has to choose to blank the password. You have to choose an option on an interactive menu inside chntpw.

Now I need to test the original chntpw program because the chntpw debian package does not seem to be updated with the latest upstream release.

I will try to find some new command line options that will let me blank the password directly from command line.

If I do not find them I will try to implement them myself or ask the chntpw developer to add them for me. And I will also ask about an option that lists all the users (one per line) so that I do not have to use bkhive and samdump2 to obtain them.

The other option is to imitate input thanks to an input pipe but I prefer to do it in more elegant manner.

Let’s hope that I do not have to maintain a chntpw fork and a new repository for all of this stuff.


In the other hand next features I have been thinking about are: Share log with (ubuntu)forums and Boot info script option.

Log will be already available inside [CODE] [/CODE] marks!!!

So… let’s hope next weekend I can work a bit more on this stuff and make a new Rescatux release.