Rescatux 0.22 released

Rescatux 0.22 Cdrom or USB ISO for x86 or amd64 Mirror #1 Mirror #2
MD5 (595 Megabytes)

Source code and other downloads
Useful Rescatux Options:

  • Restore Grub to the MBR
  • Update Grub Configuration
  • Filesystem check (Fix forced)


  • New option: Filesystem check (Fix forced)
  • Filesystem check (Fix forced) can help you to recover grub or grub2 when grub or grub2 or a live cd cannot read filesystem because filesystem has inconsistencies.
  • Filesystem check (Fix forced) can also help you to recover your GNU/Linux files from a live cd even if you were not able to mount the GNU/Linux partition, now you will probably be able to mount it.

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