Help on Updating Grub Configuration on non Debian/Ubuntu distributions

As you might have seen in previous post I have just released Rescatux 0.21 which features the new option “Update Grub configuration”.
It is the same option as if you chroot into your system thanks to a live cd and run update-grub inside it.

However it is special because it lets you rename the live cd hard disk names so that they meet your normal (the ones that your installed distribution knows) hard disk names. More than this you can order them according to your BIOS hard disk boot order.

Unfortunately I have only coded this for Debian / Ubuntu based distributions. It should work for both grub and grub though.

So if you know how to run something equivalent to update-grub (automatically detect OSes in your system and build either a menu.lst (grub) or grub.cfg (grub2)) in either Opensuse, Mandrake, Fedora, Arch, Gentoo or any other non-Debian based system I am glad to hear you.

I am very interested in knowing if grub2 implementations of these distributions have or not update-grub script by default or not.

Please use the Rescatux subforum at main Super Grub Disk forum. Thank you very much.