Rescatux stabilisation roadmap

As you can see, Rescatux 0.22 has been released.
Rescatux’s current source code is a bit messy but that was intentional. I needed to test the different options a bit to try to imagine how an Rescatux API would be.

I think that I still needed more options to get a better idea and design but I want to tide up things a little bit.

So here there are some points about short-term Rescatux roadmap.

  • Do not add any more useful options
  • Add About option
  • Redesign help system so that it is based on html instead of txt
  • Write a good local documentation for the current three useful options
  • Make the local documentation also online documentation
  • Improve current options when there are problems (I.e. Restore Grub to the MBR should inform if no partition is found instead of offering you an empty selection choice).
  • API restructuration. All functions that are repeated among useful options scripts should be found in one script that it is read from the original scripts.
  • Improve source code here and there.

So I think this is most of the issues that I need to resolve till I release a new Rescatux.

As long as this new release would be kind of a stable one I will also try to release a Torrent file because I think that Berlios is something satured with Rescatux downloads.

About update grub configuration file option being updated to support SuSE, Fedora or other grub legacy distributions it will be postponed to later versions but comments on how to do this from a live cd are welcomed.

See you in the next Rescatux development post!

Happy new year 2011!