You deserve 7 more years of beta-testing

Last stable Rescatux was in 2012. That’s about 7 years ago.

You know what? I’m a bit upset about many of the Rescatux users.

The main reason is the lack of feedback when things go wrong.

If Rescatux doesn’t do its job then they switch to another tool to recover their boot or gain access back to their system. Nothing but getting back to their computer matters to them.

If we release beta versions of Rescatux is to gain useful feedback to improve the distro for mankind. Rescatux developers (mostly one person at the moment) do not own every machine/computer/hardware out there to test Rescatux isos in all of them.

And they neither have the time to test all of the ways that Rescatux can be boot. Final users have the time because they are using Rescatux anyways.

My last rant about Rescatux users is about them not reporting Rescapp not working ok on Rescatux 0.71-beta7 version when booted in non secure-boot uefi mode. Rescatux is no longer useful in that mode because you never get to experience the full toolkit that Rescapp brings to you in an easy manner.

The average Rescatux user deserves another 7 years of beta-testing.

For the rest of you (you know who you are) thank you for your useful issue reports. Hopefully we can work as a team together and give birth to a new stable Rescatux version soon.

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