Improving documentation

One of the most recurrent complaints about Super Grub Disk site is either the lack of documentation, either the documentation being outdated or even being wrong.

I have started to write what I have named Wizard pages which are kind of like the old fashion howtos but split in several pages so that each one of their sections can be reused by various Wizards. You just click on every option and they are opened on new windows (or tab if your browser is recent) as needed.

Finally there’s a place where it is explained how to put a Rescatux ISO in a USB when using Windows without having to format it and that it works.

I still have to complete the Restore Grub with Rescatux wizard explaining the several ways you can boot from your media and then how to use it. This is not very urgent because Rescatux has built-in instructions with these steps.

Once I would have written every step on this first wizard I will try to do the same thing for Super Grub2 Disk wizards.

And, yes, I will add snapshots some day and, maybe one video or another, but from the ones I have already made. I won’t have enough spare time to make new ones.

I am planning on release a Super Grub2 Disk 2.00 RC version and then a final version because although I don’t like developing Super Grub2 Disk for one reason or another I don’t like the old 1.98s1 version being the current stable one. Check Super Grub2 Disk mailing list link below if you want to help on this release.

Rescatux 0.31 will have to wait for 2014. I don’t discard to release another beta before the end of the year though. If you cannot wait so long please check this message that I already wrote from last Rescatux 0.31 beta 4 release:

Help Rescatux project if you cannot wait:

I am very busy right now at work. So you should expect two, three or four months of Rescatux development stalling. These are some of the funny tasks that anyone can easily contribute to: Making a youtube video for the new options. Make sure documentation for the new options is right. Translate the documentation of new options to Spanish. Make snapshots for new options documentation so that they don’t lack images.

If you want to help please contact us here:


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