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I’ve begun to work on Rescatux 0.30 stable release, well, you know that I’ve been working for that for a long time, I mean, I want to finish the last small bugs that needs to be fixed.

Some of these bugs are related to Super Grub Disk page. One of them is that there’s still too much mention about the old Super Grub Disk both in the main webpage and in the wiki.

So I’ve rearranged the wiki so that it can point either to Super Grub2 Disk wiki page or to Rescatux wiki page. I’ve left and old stuff link too that shows what was in the main page before so that it can help someone in quest of old stuff which in some circumstances might still be valid.

About the webpage here there are the changes. Under the software menu you can find the pages where Rescatux and Super Grub2 Disk are explained as well as their downloads page. In the other hand the Help menu not only shows support pages such as the chat, forum and mailing list but it also points to the wiki documentation pages.

So you know Keep It Simple Stupid!

Now let’s see if I can work a little more on these small bugs that I can present you a final beta, before the release candidate releases.

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