Rescatux videos for the 0.3X series

I’ve recorded some videos and uploaded them to Youtube. You will find the tour one and a link to the rest of them at the Rescatux page.

Here’s the tour video:

and here’s the link to the rest of the videos.

Rescatux 0.30x series videos

Be aware that my English is far from being perfect ;).

That nearly completes the roadmap as you can see below. However I will soon release an extended roadmap for 0.30 stable release because some other issues need to be solved. Don’t worry they are minor bugs 😉 .

As I said this is Rescatux 0.30 roadmap updated:

Bugs and Feature requests they are found in Forja Cenatic. Thank you Cenatic!

Feature requests

Bugs to be fixed

Issues that need to be addressed before the release


Whenever I release a new beta the idea is to copy and paste this roadmap and to replace the dots (..) with the beta version where the feature has been implemented. An example would be: (0.30b3).

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