Rescatux 0.30b4 released

Rescatux 0.30 beta 4 has been released.

Rescatux 0.30 beta 4 Cdrom or USB ISO for x86 or amd64 MultiMirror #1
Mirror #2 Mirror #3
MD5 (355 Megabytes)


  • Super Grub2 Disk 1.99b1 is included (Actually it boots from it not from isolinux)
  • It autodetects 64bit systems and loads the appropiate kernel accordingly. This will fix most of the errors about not being able to restore Grub.

As I said this is Rescatux 0.30 roadmap updated:

Bugs and Feature requests they are found in Forja Cenatic. Thank you Cenatic!

Feature requests

Bugs to be fixed

Issues that need to be addressed before the release


Whenever I release a new beta the idea is to copy and paste this roadmap and to replace the dots (..) with the beta version where the feature has been implemented. An example would be: (0.30b3).


11 thoughts on “Rescatux 0.30b4 released

  1. I am new to linux and we had a storm which blew out my comp. I spent 3 days with a black screen that said grub resuce. I searched for days to find ways to fix it but to no avail. Then I came across Rescatux. You guys saved my life and computer. Thank you so very very much…no my migraine is gone. U guys are the best!!

  2. un saludo a novato usando linux siempre he usado ubuntu y cometi el error de crear una particion en mi disco duro para instalar ubuntu 11.10.64.bit ahora me esta dando problemas con cuestion de las targetas de sonido y video y ya estoy hasta la coronilla bueno la cuestion es que me recomendaron esta pagina para descargar el programa super grug disk pero no encuentro como hacerlo porque dondequiera que dice descargar le he dado y no pasa nada si es que hay que registrarse quiero que me digan y si es que hay que comprarlo me jodi porque no tengo forma espero su ayuda gracias

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