Super Grub2 Disk 2.00 beta 3 released

This is the changelog:

  • Removed innecessary floppy seek
  • Fixed berlios #18907 bug. Now both /boot-isos and /boot/boot-isos directories should work

If you want to translate into your language please check TRANSLATION file at source code to learn how to translate into your language.
This is a beta release so please comment any issue you find at the forum.

Well, I wanted to release version an special secret version of Super Grub2 Disk and in the meanwhile I did find some innecesary floppy seeks when using it in an actual machine and I did want to fix that. Fix is not complete but it improves SG2D usage. I also fixed that /boot-isos and /boot/boot-isos error (where only the first directory was searched) for those of you that try to use SG2D for booting loop-boot capable distributions. I’m not providing GZ or ZIP files because I think I will release another SG2D beta soon. I’ve become quite addicted to develop SG2D. I don’t like SG2D myself because I see that the future is Rescatux but… when you get into developing it… knowing the Grub2 scripting stuff and its insights it’s fun and addictive!

More than this I want to release an stable version of SG2D soon because it’s too long with the beta versions hanging around. And, of course, the special secret version needs an stable SG2D version so that I don’t have to release it twice.
(adrian15 speaking)

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