Super Grub Disk is outdated

Super Grub Disk is outdated.

Please use one of the following tools:

  1. Rescatux. Tool for fixing Grub.
  2. Super Grub2 Disk. Tool for booting into your system.

If you wish to download this old 0.9799 here there is a torrent link (visit it so that you can download the actual link) with all the versions in their various formats: cdrom, floppy, usb and source code:

supergrub1 09799 complete Linuxtracker Torrent Link

Some further explanations to why there is a torrent link.


Opening in Windows and seeing everything in one line? Shift on File. Right click. Open With. Wordpad.
== Short explanation ==

Super Grub Disk is outdated.

Please use one of the following tools:

Rescatux ( ) . Tool for fixing Grub.
Super Grub2 Disk ( ) . Tool for booting into your system.

== Long explanation ==

Super Grub Disk was outdated on July 21, 2011.
People still are downloading it because either they don't know that Super Grub2 Disk is there (just using old links) or because it is still useful.

If it is still useful please encourage Rescatux development to add these (recover or fix) features from original Super Grub Disk that you are missing.
Or encourage Super Grub2 Disk development (when they are boot features).

As a final "file in a bottle" I save here:

* Cdrom, floppy, usb and source code versions for Super Grub Disk 0.9799 version.

I discard saving:

* Auto Super Grub Disk (it was based on an old version and even worse you need  the Microsoft Windows system to make it work)
* Old versions of Super Grub Disk (I see no use on sharing them)
* Lalitera multidistrox torrent. Binefar multidistrox torrent.
These were modified versions of Knoppix or Gparted that used Super Grub Disk to boot both Super Grub Disk itself and the original system.
They are pretty outdated and based on old Super Grub Disk technology.

Finally I rename Super Grub Disk as supergrub1_09799 in the downloads folder and in the torrent filename so that nobody thinks that this is Super Grub2 Disk.

So the total download is about 25 MB.

Yes, the purpose to discourage people to download it. But if they want to download it they have the full toolkit.

14 thoughts on “Super Grub Disk is outdated

  1. Instalé (a fin de conocer mejor) Ubuntu 11.04
    junto a Windows 7. Quiero ahora quitar Ubuntu y trabajar normalmente el Windows pero no he podido hacerlo. He usado la versión de Super Grub Disk nueva pero no realiza el cambio. He notado que la ventana es diferente a la de la versión reseñada aquí.

    Podría alguien aquí?



  2. i get that it’s outdated, but it would be nice if you kept a download link up for the final version. Outdated doesn’t mean unused. Anyways, thanks for the super grub2 disc download as i needed that aswell. :)

  3. Downloaded SuperGrub2 yesterday. Doesn’twork on my system. Causes horrible mechanical noises. Looked at openSUSE support database today and it says use SuperGrub but don’t try SuperGrub2. Oh dear!

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