Super Grub Disk and Super Grub2 Disk Difference

GRUB2 is a complete rewrite of GRUB, and Super GRUB2 Disk is a complete rewrite as well. As Super GRUB2 Disk uses GRUB2, the differences between GRUB Legacy and GRUB2 also apply to the different versions of Super GRUB Disk.

Perhaps the most notable difference between Super GRUB Disk based on grub legacy and Super GRUB2 Disk is that Super GRUB2 Disk does not write to the disk at all, and so cannot rewrite the MBR. Super GRUB2 Disk can only be used to boot a broken system, it cannot fix it directly. Though once a system is booted, re-installing grub is usually just a matter of running “grub-install /dev/sda”.

While there are some features of Super GRUB Disk based on GRUB legacy that will never be included in Super GRUB2 Disk, the opposite is also true. For instance, Super GRUB2 Disk supports booting OSX, loop booting from iso files, booting an OS from USB without USB support in the BIOS, and other features that are not possible with GRUB legacy.

8 thoughts on “Super Grub Disk and Super Grub2 Disk Difference

  1. First and foremost, your solution saved me fron wasting days and the accompanying misery of a rebuild.

    Like most others and desperate for solutions, I worsened the problems by resorting to unathorative blog posts for solutions most of which nonapplicable and broke things further.

    Forced to convert the boot repair into a data retrieval /salvage operation –the last tr was your ISO since accumulated anger resulted in literal fistpounding permanently cracking the keyboard into generating “n” instead of “M”.

    Two modified “N” keys and a 500MB download and Linux is booting just asif I didn’t break it along with hard bitten lessons learned.

    I’ve been shouting loudly about your tools Magical benefits and nicknaned it Grub’s2ndChance. Youve likely saved more systems than you could every know…but if you quantified all the systens rescued from Map corners to edges….you have More free Meals and hospitality awaiting you for many lifetimes.

    (adrian15 edited the original comment for finding and replacing some ‘n’ letters with ‘m’ letters.)

    1. I was about to chide you (good naturedly of course) about childishly breaking your keyboard. But then, My wife reminded me of my last UEFI battle with the dog cowering behind the couch, and the parrot learning several new words she shouldn’t have, and decided I had better leave it alone! 🙂

      Your quote:
      “Youve likely saved more systems than you could every know…but if you quantified all the systens rescued from Map corners to edges….you have More free Meals and hospitality awaiting you for many lifetimes.”
      however, just cried out for confirmation. You said it best, I can only concur.

  2. used Super grub on my laptop with CSM (on), MBR hdd

    sda1 win7 system resevered
    sda2 win7 ntfs
    sda3 ext4 /
    sda4 extended
    sda5 swap
    sda6 ext4 /home

    but it prompts:
    Sorry, but we are booted via UEFI and can not load this os.
    Please try booting SG2D via bios compatibility mode.

    Why it can’t boot my laptop ?


  3. Oh, i got it.. you have 2 supergrub one is hybrid and one is legacy.
    It is written hybrid is recommended for every one.. but somehow it just does not work on my csm enabled laptop that the hdd is MBR..

    It somehow just doesnt know to boot in legacy, instead uses UEFI, but when reached MBR hdd, it prompted error ..

    Now that i downloaded the legacy mode on SG2D, it works flawlessly.
    May be i need to burn both ver. of iso into my usb stick and make a grub to choose which iso to ru….. so that one stick works on all pc.
    do you think this using grub to run supergrub2 will work ?

    I have no idea why is it that grub always detect my computer as uefi.. when my hdd is clearly MBR.

    If you have any idea how to clear my hdd so that grub will know it is MBR hence boot in legacy mode, pls share with me.

    1. supergrub2 is the only version of the two with loop booting functionality for mounting cd/dvd images an then booting them directly so just extract supergrub2disk iso file and place supergrubdisk iso inside the folder that is the working dir for supergrub2disk and finish by recompressing to iso file.

      if you want to make your computer prioritize BIOS over fw then youll need to make sure respectively that the disk is setup correctly for compatibility of booting bios.

      start fresh, create new bios partition table using any of various tools/

      If you must chose to use BIOS then there is a maximum limit of 3 primary volumes and 1 active (UEFI doesnt have these limitations)

      make sure to look up on google any limitation of the computer you have/

      if you want to but certain thingd in efi legacy mode aka utilize the masterboot records and partition boot records then make sure that the partition table entries of your disks boot sectors match the backup sectors otherwise you may have to create new mft

  4. Grub(BIOS Version)wiederherstellen:
    sudo apt-get –reinstall install grub-common grub-pc os-prober # grub-gfxpayload-lists ENTER
    sudo update-grub ENTER

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