Rescatux 0.74 released

Rescatux is a Debian GNU/Linux based live cd aimed at GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows rescue tasks thanks to its graphical wizard named Rescapp.

Rescatux 0.74 stable version has been just released is available for you to download.

Check Rescatux 0.73 release

If you already have Rescatux 0.73 there’s no need to download Rescatux 0.74.

This is a quick release with almost no changes so this piece of news will be quite short. Please check Rescatux 0.73 released piece of news for the full detail of what Rescatux has in it.

The original idea was to work on Super Grub2 Disk but I just realised that I had to update the official Super Grub2 Disk irc channel… and, guess what, Rescatux also uses IRC so it needed a quick update.

I have almost not tested this Rescatux version. Was it not to work for you please try Rescatux 0.73 instead. Feedback on stuff that it previously worked ok on Rescatux 0.73 but it no longer works in Rescatux 0.74 on the github issues page is welcomed.

Rescatux 0.73 features Rescapp 0.56


Rescatux 0.74 ISO ISO & Source code (Git Source code)


Rescatux 0.74 checksums

Main changes

The last Rescatux stable version was released on April 2020. That’s about one and a half year ago.

This is a quick and dirty release in order to change Rescapp default chat irc support channels from Freenode to Libera.

As Debian Buster has had some packages updated in the meanwhile it will also feature minor packages updates.

This iso is greater than 700 MiB so it does not fill into a CD. You should use an USB. I might try to shrink the iso back into a CD in the future.

What’s new on Rescatux (since Rescatux 0.73)

  • Minor packages updates

What’s new on Rescapp (since Rescatux 0.73)

  • Support chat rooms have been moved to Libera IRC.
Rescatux 0.74 checksums

c581985fbffb4e21bfc34ee1baddcf83  ./rescatux-0.74.packages
a2b0c4040fe4e25b8def534e03e09e66  ./rescatux-0.74.iso.md5
3e3dfe7a00b11a8d8fcac46692b50920  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-chntpw-debian-ng-1.02.tar.gz
c7a29dd9923102ed7cbed556c487df09  ./source-code/
05a8026d9f24e50db1e82c97c19ba224  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-live-boot-rescatux-0.75b5-tmp1.tar.gz
f148d73a3ceb7f185a3104736aaeedec  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-live-build-rescatux-0.73rc1-tmp1.tar.gz
45e97ad4e9b0b0f3db5f762fe56e5002  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-source.debian.tar
bb7641dda00e8444bae0f7f61aa5f7c4  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-rescapp-v0.57-debian.tar.gz
a735d8bf4df269949273bd9d73499657  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-main-rescatux-repo-9e298054a5a1db2e3b62a3b1c0328cee47782437.tar.gz
0e61965ff575f76519fcca6e50ca131a  ./rescatux-0.74_build.log
5a68b14a6b35350f1a9f733f2c765280  ./rescatux-0.74.iso

6878d0311b9621a4483a7ea4ebf42164fa00f1e288d570d283581e7b101bf8bc  ./rescatux-0.74.packages
5cadacaebd6a5c64bc2849708218b38167458d101b8dc60634cae27e6010fb98  ./rescatux-0.74.iso.md5
e054d0eff7ca8652f248df2e9647315bf24e86c1547021fb9c719dd6fec3eded  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-chntpw-debian-ng-1.02.tar.gz
90b2124a6538926dde0731b46ffc67cff7891da5fdb26384f293bb945fb9cb69  ./source-code/
2292885232ad57ad16e5583de238fdb508770d601b2db5727a7f58d6abb9192e  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-live-boot-rescatux-0.75b5-tmp1.tar.gz
e376c61bee9b078cb4fea94a6275967f36a5e24b11ba58a3ca030e6814bac20f  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-live-build-rescatux-0.73rc1-tmp1.tar.gz
20c869ff01da6aa81e958c5f3103ed90cd906727d9e119962aaa268c808b7a16  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-source.debian.tar
ee437a26c34f4414b454a3fb4d29ff1190aef42e59a3e06b0cf3375fc92c0eeb  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-rescapp-v0.57-debian.tar.gz
672003e4c046cefbe2477bc43747fb0a3bf26dbc7939ff747d218647d881b3ec  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-main-rescatux-repo-9e298054a5a1db2e3b62a3b1c0328cee47782437.tar.gz
861cec18d1d93b22cc6ed6e1e9d767f8353317b0f8da2417a0b2e0c349b373a6  ./rescatux-0.74_build.log
d250f38a8174f122b3b6382ed735d161e4b790db2c27783ba03526b4d4d28521  ./rescatux-0.74.iso

31ddada80981aba05fab661e568a24381c811c70  ./rescatux-0.74.packages
e46ae2854c1c5a689f1dcb335853384761ecebba  ./rescatux-0.74.iso.md5
47bbed88f7c4b5541cd0a2752458f5ebffe5791b  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-chntpw-debian-ng-1.02.tar.gz
421bbddf21d273a72c33013f623638e92fb4f000  ./source-code/
6122897383f6dbfc69a4ea1ff64975673321ff53  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-live-boot-rescatux-0.75b5-tmp1.tar.gz
756639c3fe62dbc36da712a708d65a15d20f63fb  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-live-build-rescatux-0.73rc1-tmp1.tar.gz
d9f11dc0774519a53937aac061fcd618c82d163b  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-source.debian.tar
e2dc0bd2194d79500156a90415e9ebe0d9b4b23b  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-rescapp-v0.57-debian.tar.gz
5483dfbfc0fc188067b261caff5d9d2ab7cf83ba  ./source-code/rescatux-0.74-main-rescatux-repo-9e298054a5a1db2e3b62a3b1c0328cee47782437.tar.gz
21d5d2096ff65e9c35ba90b68c1c3c5d93f2e8f4  ./rescatux-0.74_build.log
832efca8d21717283937acb42c440c1ba509235d  ./rescatux-0.74.iso

More information

You can find more information in: Rescatux .

6 thoughts on “Rescatux 0.74 released

    1. No, this is not an intented feature of Rescatux.

      Of course, you could do that manually thanks to debootstrap, parted and so on but… you know… you can use any Debian/Ubuntu based live cd for that.

  1. I have copied an ext4 Ubuntu partition from backup medium and want to make this partition bootable again.
    Therefore, I have prepared a Rescatux 0.74 on an USB stick of 2 GB capacity.
    The bootable USB stick was created by rufus-4.2 with no errors.
    However, the HP Pavillion notebook does not start the Rescatux in UEFI mode (authentication error).

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