Ubuntu feedback on Rescapp needed

While we wait for Rescatux to be rewritten, once again, so that it’s based on Debian 9 (Stretch) its main program: Rescapp needs some love. Some testing. Some polishment.

Rescapp program has been rewritten so that:

  • It no longer depends on SELinux
  • It depends on PyQT5 instead of the now obsolete PyQT4

That means that it can be built for recent versions of Ubuntu, packaged and put into a repo.

So if you want to help Rescatux / Rescapp development and you happen to have either a:

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial AMD64 Live CD

or an

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful AMD64 Live CD

you are welcome to test Rescatux repo and report any bugs that you find on the Rescapp issues page.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu feedback on Rescapp needed

  1. Dear developers,

    I appreciate a lot your work and I think rescatux is very useful. I just asked myself if rescatux is still in active development or abandoned?

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