Super Grub2 Disk stats in a random 2015 day

I have choosen a random day from 2015 to generate some stats of Super Grub2 Disk usage (and their users). I could use some better stats from a longer period of time but being exact is not the purpose of this post.

Social networks

There are people who use Google + (1), and comment on it (2). Yeah, although you might not believe it some people use Google+ (3).

Twitter (8),  yeah, some twits (9) can be found on twitter (10).


There are people who record their videos on Youtube (1) or that use it (2). Actually Youtube (3) is quite popular.


Operating Systems

Some people still use the quite old Windows 7 (4). Other people use Gentoo (11).


As you can see Super Grub2 Disk is being used daily on many parts of the globe on such distant places as Japan, USA or Iran. You can learn that Windows 10 has not been released yet because people still use Windows 7. Hopefully many of the Super Grub2 Disk are young and will never need to ask for help.

See you next year!

Approximatively in a year I will redo the stats again so that we can compare with this year’s stats.

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