Rescatux 0.32 stable roadmap

This is the Rescatux 0.32 release roadmap. Please comment below if you feel that something is missing or incomplete here.

Help is welcomed in fixing these issues. Please join the Rescatux mailing list if you want to help either testing or either fixing one of these bugs.

You can check the complete changelog with link to each one of the issues at: Rescatux 0.32-freeze roadmap.

  • [#1323]    GPT support
  • [#1364]    Review Copyright notice
  • [#2188]    install-mbr : Windows 7 seems not to be fixed with it
  • [#2190]    debian-live. Include cpu detection and loopback cfg patches
  • [#2191]    Change Keyboard layout
  • [#2192]    UEFI boot support
  • [#2193]    bootinfoscript: Use it as a package
  • [#2199]    Btrfs support
  • [#2205]    Handle different default sh script
  • [#2216]    Verify separated /usr support
  • [#2217]    chown root root on sudoers
  • [#2220]    Make sure all the source code is available
  • [#2221]    Detect SAM file algorithm fails with directories which have spaces on them
  • [#2227]    Use chntpw 1.0-1 from Jessie
  • [#2231]    SElinux support on chroot options
  • [#2233]    Disable USB automount
  • [#2236]    chntpw based options need to be rewritten for reusing code
  • [#2234]    New option: Easy Grub fix
  • [#2235]    New option: Easy Windows Admin

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