Rescatux 0.30 64bit kernel not being select ok Bug

The bug

If you select Rescatux autodetect at boot it tries to load 32bit kernel when you have a 64bit one and viceversa. More than this there’s another bug that makes unusable the manual Rescatux 32 bit and Rescatux 64 bit options. It just shows you a kernel panic error.

How to workaround it

You don’t need to download or wait for 0.30.2. You can use 0.30 version and workaround the bug with:

  • Select Rescatux autodetect and press ‘e’ key.
  • Replace vmlinuz to vmlinuz2.
  • Replace vmlinuz2 into vmlinuz.
  • Replace initrd.img into initrd2.img.
  • Replace initrd2.img into initrd.img.
  • Press F10 key or ctrl+x

Now Rescatux should boot with 64bit kernel if possible.

Rescatux 0.30.2 around the corner

I’m preparing 0.30.2 which only will be fixing this bug and it will ready soon.

Why this bug?

The original change was made so that isolinux iso file was generated with amd64 by default. This way tools such as Yumi (usb creators) would default to amd64 and not 32bit.

If you boot into amd64 and your pc isn’t prepared you can easily switch to 32bit. If you boot into 32bit you might think that Rescatux isn’t doing its job while in the background a Exec format error appears because of chrooting to a 64bit system from a 32bit one.

Options affected

All the options that imply a chroot command:

  • Restore Grub
  • Update Grub

Rescatux versions affected

  • Both Rescatux 0.30 and Rescatux 0.30 RC1 versions are affected.
  • Rescatux 0.30.2 and newer version should NOT be affected.

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