3 thoughts on “Rescatux 0.30 released

  1. Hey Boss,
    great program and has saved me several times already after i forget for example that deleting a partition can affect the boot process. One complaint though – i have sometimes limited bandwidth to download and yesterday itried all day to download a good copy of latest stable Rescatux but 1st time i tried your first link thru to SourceForge and after about 75% complete i lost connection and it doesnt allow restart except to go back to the beginning (using IDM as my download manager), so i dont want to waste that much time and bandwidth again so i think the torrent can be stopped and restarted with no problems but when i finished this copy didnt match the MD5 listed, so i try your 2nd direct download option, got to 95% and for some reason it just stops there and my IDM program tries to reconnect endlessly to finish but to no avail – so i lost 12 hours and about 1 GB bandwidth and still dont have a good copy of the program 🙁 so i just ask that i wish you can fix to allow program like IDM to restart the download without having to start at the beginning again.


  2. I was checking that this is 0.30 download. You should download the 0.30.2 one which it is the newest Rescatux download.

    If the 0.30.2 download via torrent has a wrong md5 please complain (on the 0.30.2 download post).

    Thank you.

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