Doc: How to put Rescatux into a USB

Update (2013/12/01). Please check: Put Rescatux into an usb pendrive instead.

I have finally added the official documentation about how to put Rescatux into a usb.

As it is explained in instructions. These instructions wipe your pendrive / usb device. So you loose all of its contents. So make sure you backup anything important on them.

And I ask you to give us feedback about the windows instructions. Either in the mailing list, the forum, chat or even as a comment in this post. I suspect that the if you format it as FAT32 you do not need to delete all the partitions but I am not sure at all.

The non official documentation (probably using unetbootin or yumi) is still lacking. Let’s hope that I can add it in next week.

An special thanks goes to Shades85 and his trials/errors.

7 thoughts on “Doc: How to put Rescatux into a USB

  1. hi! Just wanted to mention that “Universal USB Installer” (windows) is capable of creating a Rescatux Bootable USB (netbooks…). Because the dd method seems to be pain in the… If u see no further comment, then its working 😉

    ty for super grub disk and rescatux! keep it up!

    1. When using 0.30b4 or newer versions (till they fix it at universal USB installer) you should use the iso which it is inside the iso itself. You can found it at /boot/boot-isos folder.

      In Windows you might use Winrar for extracting it.

      I need to update that fact in the wiki.


  2. ¿Is possible to install rescatux in a usb with persistence?
    I did try the Universal USB installer but persistence is not allowed

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