Thinking on Rescatux 0.26

I think I have managed to do most of the work involved on the stabilisation roadmap. I have even finished the most tedious of them: Documentation ;).

However I think I am going to add another useful option before releasing Rescatux 0.26 version (As an user I wouldn’t like to see another Rescatux with no new useful options). Fix Boot of Windows (MBR). It is an option that it is already present on Super Grub Disk but I want to implement it. I doubt if I am going to using install-mbr command and I doubt about using sfdisk for activating the windows partition.

As you might know Windows boot has three steps: MBR Boot, Partition Boot, Kernel Boot. This option will only fix the first one of the Windows boot step which it is common for all the Windows versions.

By the way… I have already implemented the Share log option on my test Rescatux and it works quite well.

As you might have seen Forum and Wiki have been disabled for a long time now. I plan to reenable them with antispam methods in the short them.
In the meanwhile I am going to do an experiment. This post comments  are going to be open for you to give me feedback about Rescatux only. (Till I close its comments 😉 By the way comments are moderated (Because of spammers again)).

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