Rescatux 0.19 (Source Code Only) released

I have just uploaded Rescatux 0.19 source code. If you want Rescatux’s binaries please check previous posts.

I have not published this release as a binary because I wouldn’t have recommended anyone who already had the latest version to update his CDRW 😉 to this one. And, of course, there is no longer an autologin, and that’s a problem which I should fix.

Here there is the changelog and some pieces of advices.

  • Updated build scripts to reflect September 2010′ squeeze live-helper updates
  • Now you can have an hybrid usb-cdrom-i486-amd64 all in one cd
  • Updated packages to squeeze (September 2010)

If you ever build this cdrom please use live as the password at login prompt.

Please ignore the builtin date in the filename. Correct build date is Oct 31th 2010. I need to change the date as a workaround.

I want to thank Daniel Baumann for having developed  the debian live patch that lets you choose more than one kernel flavour (i.e. 486 and amd64) when building an image.