Author Topic: LaLitera Multidistrox 1.5 DVD available on FTP too!  (Read 6874 times)

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LaLitera Multidistrox 1.5 DVD available on FTP too!
« on: 2008/06/05, 19:19:53 pm »
LaLitera Muldistrox 1.5 is currently available only as a .torrent file.

Update: Thanks to mirror LaLitera Multidistrox is also available for download via FTP.

Download LaLitera Multidistrox 1.5

LaLitera Multidistrox 1.5 README FILE - 25/04/2008

LaLitera Multidistrox 1.5 is a Knoppix 5.3.1 DVD remaster that includes at the boot the Super Live Boot technology which lets you select your boot options (language, resolution,...) in a very easy manner.

Even more Super Grub Disk one of the easiest Boot Recovery disks is included.

lalitera_multidistrox_1.5.iso : The Cdrom iso image
lalitera_multidistrox_1.5.iso.md5 :  The Cdrom iso MD5 image
README.TXT : The file you are reading right now.
super_grub_disk_documentation.pdf : Super Grub Disk documentation in PDF format


- Updated to Knoppix 5.3.1.
- Added Desktop - > KDE4 option
- Added Desktop - > Compiz/Fusion/3D
- Updated default kernel boot options
- Added ADRIANE and XEN boot options.
- Added nude and minimal boot options.

Edit: Fixed .torrent link... now it is a public webpage link where you can download the actual .torrent file.
If you have liked this piece of advice please consider donating to the Super Grub Disk project.