Author Topic: Rhel 6.3 root password  (Read 9487 times)

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Rhel 6.3 root password
« on: 2014/11/06, 08:45:13 am »
Hi, after using Rescatux (latest release 0.32b2) to recover root password (Rescatux successful) I'm not able to login as root any more.
Trying official root password recovery from Rhel doc
I receive
passwd Authentication token manipulation error..could not obtain user info (root).
I'm now unable to regain access and any hint will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Please test Rescatux and report back feedback...
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Re: Rhel 6.3 root password
« Reply #1 on: 2014/11/12, 10:58:05 am »
I will try to reproduce the problem in CentOS 6.3 in the next days.

Is there anything special on the authentication part of your installation that I should take care of?

Did you have problems on not being able to login?

I was wondering if your original problem comes from a virus changing manually /etc/passwd file and somehow mapping another user to id 0 (instead of root user). I had experienced it myself.

In the other hand the problem might come because Rescatux forces a given method of authentication (SHA1 instead of SHA512).

You might need to edit /etc/passwd manually in the end.

Finally you can try to reset root password again by using a very easy password written as if you had an English keyboard.

I mean, Rescatux does not work with your locale keyboard by default but with US keyboard (It will be fixed in next releases).

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