Author Topic: Repairing grub and adding new entries ??  (Read 6639 times)

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Repairing grub and adding new entries ??
« on: 2013/09/18, 13:17:37 pm »


I've been trying supergrub 2 beta,
When using the menus to navigating across the differnt options I see I can detect operating systems and old grub files, and I can use them to boot.
But I can't find the option to add new entries to that grub, nor repair them.
How should I proceed?

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  • Please test Rescatux and report back feedback...
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Re: Repairing grub and adding new entries ??
« Reply #1 on: 2013/10/29, 00:00:03 am »
You should probably use Rescatux instead. You can see current differences between Super Grub Disk and Rescatux in Rescatux page.

Please read section:

About Rescatux and Super Grub(2) Disk
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