Author Topic: Current SGD2 CD fails Detect any OS with empty floppy drive  (Read 7513 times)

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The new version fails on detect any OS if there is no floppy in floppy drive.

It gives invalid OS format error and no OS present.  It does not proceed to check hard drives.

If I put a FAT format floppy in the drive it proceeds to find OS(s) on hard drive(s)

old version 1.98s1 from around December 2010 works properly. 
The old version checks the empty floppy which fails, then moves on the the hard disks.

Perhaps this is a regression?

Any work around other than old version? 

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Re: Current SGD2 CD fails Detect any OS with empty floppy drive
« Reply #1 on: 2013/05/01, 23:40:43 pm »

Similar problems here. The options list becomes a bit garbled every second time I press the arrow keys. Using the option that scans all disks for possible installations results in a black screen and an unresponsive system (save CTRL ALT DEL) with no output whatsoever.

- Underlying hardware is a QDI KinetiZ with 4.0 bios with an AMD Athlon2000+ 1.6Ghz.
- IDE Disk and floppy controllers are disabled by the BIOS.
- I have PCI SATA Card FastTrak TX2300 which is the one I'm trying to see if I can boot from using G2SD because the bios fails to do so natively.

Thank you for all the effort you are putting in this project and keep up the good work.

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Re: Current SGD2 CD fails Detect any OS with empty floppy drive
« Reply #2 on: 2013/06/02, 12:41:09 pm »
I'm working in trying to minimise the floppy seeks (some improvements on SG2D 2.00 beta 5).
Can you please test it?

Removing all the floppy seeks completely won't be easy because floppy support is needed if you want to it as a floppy from unetbootin. So maybe two SG2D versions would be needed.

  • The cdrom, usb one which doesn't try to seek floppy.
  • And the floppy, unetbootin which does have floppy drive support.

I don't want to maintain two SG2D versions.  :( :'(  ;)

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