Author Topic: Can't boot SGD at all  (Read 8132 times)

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Can't boot SGD at all
« on: 2012/07/03, 17:55:11 pm »
First of all, sorry for being massively noob in this matter (AND being a french person). Here is my situation :

I had a dual boot with Win 7 (main partition) and Ubuntu. After several years, I decided to get rid of Ubuntu and restore the whole system. I don't own any installation CD so I switched to the constructor config (Win 7 Home Premium). Once the operation has ended, I rebooted my computer and - Ô - misery, I got the <grub rescue error message.

After some research I found SGD and tried to boot it on a usb device thanks to Unetbootin. Problem : nothing boots at all and I end up with "BOOT PROBLEM" on the screen. (The boot priority in the BIOS is ok and I tried it with a different usb flash drive).

What could this come from and what to do ?

Many thanks !

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Re: Can't boot SGD at all
« Reply #1 on: 2012/10/20, 19:21:57 pm »
I see you have checked out the BIOS, which was my first thought. So the problem comes down to a broken boot loader (grub). Since you want to remove GNU/Linux from the machine, you no longer need grub at all. However, grub has overwritten the Windows boot loader. grub "chain loads" Windows. That's not so important, but what is important is that you must reinstall the Windows boot loader to the master boot record (MBR).  Look for a Windows rescue disc which specifically states that it can restore the boot process. A quick Google just now revealed a lot of info. Here is the google search page URL:

Basically, I'm suggesting that you get Windows working and proceed from there. If you didn't care for ubuntu perhaps another version of GNU/Linux will suit you. Don't give up on GNU/Linux!

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Re: Can't boot SGD at all
« Reply #2 on: 2013/01/19, 11:27:57 am »
You can use Super Grub2 Disk to boot into Windows and then try to fix Windows boot from within.
If you have liked this piece of advice please consider donating to the Super Grub Disk project.