Author Topic: Super Grub Disk 0.9716 release  (Read 11213 times)

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Super Grub Disk 0.9716 release
« on: 2008/05/13, 10:43:22 am »
Hello Super Grub Disk rss subscribers, forum readers, webpage readers and also SGD fans.

Yesterday I found two hours in my timetable to implement a new function that gives some headaches to some Windows (Vista mainly) users.

It seems that there are some firewalls or antivirus or securities policies that when booting into Windows delete the sectors just after the MBR, that's where usually grub's stage1_5 is stored.
If stage1_5 is not found on your system stage1 links to stage2 directly and this problem no longer happens.

With the new
Choose Language & Help -> Linux -> Linux (Advanced) -> Fix Boot of Linux (GRUB)-> Manually restore grub to MBR (!NO stage1_5)

SGD option you can avoid your grub setup to link stage1 to stage1_5 and thus avoid these problems.

It's useful for Windows systems that overwrite sectors just after the MBR.
So usually when you booted Windows you lost grub boot.

For more information you can check:
That I am going to update in a few minutes with this new option and other ways of avoiding this problem.

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