Author Topic: Rescatux .08 not mounting drives  (Read 7420 times)

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Rescatux .08 not mounting drives
« on: 2010/08/23, 23:49:21 pm »
In the boot messages, I can see that sda and sdb (my 2 hard disks) are not mounting.  When Rescatux has booted, and I choose Rescue MBR, I first get a dialog with one option that is blank (a circle to select a missing option), then a choice of sda and sdb, and then get returned to the original dialog.

Another problem is when I exit to restart, the restart stalls my machine just after I press enter following removal of the CD.  I need to power down the machine manually with its start button.  This problem was repeated when I tried a second time.

Am using Rescatux .08 for x86.  Will try 64 bit version in case that works.  My pc has Intel dual-core processor.   Am using Fedora 13 and (once it's booting is corrected) Ubuntu 10.4.

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  • Please test Rescatux and report back feedback...
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Re: Rescatux .08 not mounting drives
« Reply #1 on: 2010/08/29, 22:44:26 pm »
Unfortunately 0.08 does not understand ext4 (Ubuntu 10.04).
You are lucky because I have just released Rescatux 0.17 which supports ext4 and should work if your hard disk is not ide (and might work is ide in some situations).

Thank you for your feedback!

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