Author Topic: Autoradio bought. Donations needed. Super Grub2 Disk 1.21 released.  (Read 15499 times)

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I have managed to buy an autorradio: Kenwood KDC-BT6544U with some of the money from the donations. Unfortunately I needed to use some of the donations' money for other free software expenses such as the new website account. That means that  donations are still welcome.

Another piece of news that I have developed the 1.21 version of Super Grub Disk which it is now based in grub2. Now it is kind of alpha but it works.

There is an option which I would like to receive back which it is called AUTO MAGIC BOOT. AUTO MAGIC BOOT adds to the current menu the Linux entries that finds so that you can boot them even if no boot loader was installed in your distro.

Currently Super Grub Disk 1.21 is found only at Mirror #0. Source code for 1.21 version corresponds at the revision 8 of svn from berlios (Check Mirror #0 too.).

Finally I have decided not to release any more Super Grub Disk versions based on Grub legacy but I might release a last one with some French update and maybe a bugfix that will fix the selecthd bug that the floppy users have found. I am not quite sure about it.

I almost forgot, Super Grub Disk based on Grub2 is designed as a Debian package and, whenever it is ready I will apply for it to be included Debian, and I suppose, that sooner or later it will also be found on Ubuntu too.


Kenwood KDC-BT6544U unfortunately does not have ogg vorbis support. I wasn't able to find any autorradio in Spain that supported it. Actually there was one from Lidl supermarkets last year but it was sold in less than a day and I did not manage to get one. :(
If you have liked this piece of advice please consider donating to the Super Grub Disk project.