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New site
« on: 2009/02/24, 21:44:33 pm »
Hi SGD users and friends,

As you might see SGD site has been transfered to another site. Some time in the future you will be able to go to and find the site directly.

The only piece that has not been transfered yet are the mailing lists.

If you think that something should be updated to meet the new page url please do not hesitate to open a new thread in the forums and talk about it.

The reason why I had been so much quiet during last weeks was the site migration.

There is also an small bad piece of news. I have restored a not so recent database backup. So all the new users that have been created recently have been lost and also some forum posts have also been been lost. I think that it's two or three weeks time contribution that has been lost. You are free to re-register and to re-post the lost posts if your problem persists or if you want your post to contribute to worldwide knowledge.

The good piece of news is that I will ask your support questions as always. At least I will try to answer two questions per day but I won't begin today but tomorrow ;).

Enjoy the "new" site (Nothing actually new has been added), in fact, there is one annoying thing. Wiki url has been moved from "wiki" to "w" and till the site has been moved we won't be able to have short urls in our wiki beginning with wiki.

If you ask yourself about Super Grub Disk development I have not begun Super Grub Disk development based on Ubuntu's grub yet.

Finally I wanted to thank you for your donations. Here there is what I have done with donations so far.
Amounts are approximative.

150 Euros: Pay new SGD hosting.
100 Euros: Pay my university computing engineer diploma.

I hope to buy an autorradio in the new few days although it is not going to be an ogg vorbis one (Impossible to find them). It is going to have an usb plug, mp3 support and that's it.

If you have liked this piece of advice please consider donating to the Super Grub Disk project.