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About uuid command and other things
« on: 2008/11/20, 13:47:22 pm »
I am busy with my studies and as you have seen the Boot Linux <-> Boot Linux Directly swap has been delayed sine die.

One of the tasks I need for my studies involved installing an Ubuntu Server Edition 8.10. What my surprise was when I checked that at boot it said something about uuid.

Uuid? Impossible!, I thought. Once the system had booted I checked menu.lst and there it was: uuid command: It tries to find the partition which the given uuid and tries to mount it.

I have not downloaded ubuntu 8.10 grub source code yet but you can bet that I am going to adapt this feature to the SGD's own way of handling devices. Finduuid  for setting sgd's grub variables when an uuid has been found and, the definition of an uuid alike variable (something similar to the fstabroot variable) when using selectfile or findf commands.

Give me three months and after that period of time, please complain if there are not development news.

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