Author Topic: Auto Super Grub Disk 1.5 released (UPDATE)  (Read 15665 times)

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Auto Super Grub Disk 1.5 released (UPDATE)
« on: 2008/11/03, 17:45:57 pm »

I made an error when I first uploaded the file. Now the .exe file should be ok.

Auto Super Grub Disk 1.5 has been released.

(Please check the mirror #0 download because the is not updated.)

Applied ext3 256-byte inode support patch which it is useful with newer linux distributions. If you used older versions you would have got an: Error 2: Bad file or directory.

Enjoy it!

Thanks again to Geza Kovacks who made this package possible.

If you have liked this piece of advice please consider donating to the Super Grub Disk project.