Author Topic: SGD 0.9770 - Boot Linux Directly implements fstabroot  (Read 7264 times)

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SGD 0.9770 - Boot Linux Directly implements fstabroot
« on: 2008/10/21, 21:11:49 pm »
SGD 0.9770 improves all the Boot Linux Directly options with the fstabroot command.
(You can check: Advanced -> Miscelanea -> Boot Linux Directly menu or just: GNU/Linux -> Boot Linux Directly)

As I have already told you Boot Linux Directly options will become Boot Linux options. And Boot Linux options will become Boot Linux Indirectly options in next versions so testing is needed.

Currently 0.9770 will be only available at Mirror #1 and Mirror #2 because forjamari site seems to be offline.

For the most advanced users only:

I have added the fstabroot command to them.

If you have an /etc/fstab file with:

UUID=9705de74-f12f-4fcd-8086-a76c4d4c13c9       /       ext3    defaults        1       1       # /dev/sda1
UUID=beada675-039a-415e-b60a-15a01df46b86       /var    ext3    defaults        1       2       # /dev/sda3

And /etc/fstab is found at (hd0,2).

You can run:

fstabroot (hd0,2)/etc/fstab

and fstabroot variable (Check it with "set" command) will become:

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