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SGD 0.9745 release
« on: 2008/08/11, 17:44:50 pm »
SGD 0.9745 release has some floppies images that contain the long-awaited 256-byte inode ext3 support patch and "Restore Windows partition boot record backup" windows option.

Enjoy it!

Do not forget that you can donate to super grub disk here:

By the way I have not tested the feature yet because I have not a windows on a ntfs partition so any feedback is appreciated.


"Restore Windows partition boot record backup"
option into Windows (Advanced) menu.

This option lets you restore the Windows Partition Boot Sector backup that it is found usually at the end of NTFS sectors.
Backup is automatically restored to the first sector on the partition.

The following checks are performed before the actual restore:

- Selected partition is a Windows NTFS valid partition.
- Last sector contains valuable information (it is not empty)

In this option you have two suboptions:

* Same partition: When there is only one windows.

* Different partitions: When you want to recover one windows partition boot sector with other windows partition boot sector.
BE CAREFUL WITH THIS OPTION. It might be useful only in one kind of RAID systems. YOU MIGHT DESTROY YOUR SYSTEM.
If you have liked this piece of advice please consider donating to the Super Grub Disk project.