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August SGD piece of news
« on: 2008/08/03, 20:06:46 pm »
Current development:

   I have implemented the dddd command (dd from device to device), isfs (to check filesystem types in the partition table), isnotfs and lastsector (for knowing the offset of the last sector of a partition). (Only source has been uploaded to forjamari and dddd works ok with 512-multiple offsets... with 512-non-multiple I am not sure about it).

  I am going to implement lsnotzero to know if the last sector of a partition has all zeroes or not.

This is for implementing later the option: Restore the windows partitition boot sector backup.

  Someone has complained about SGD not working in the last distributions because they used 256-byte inode instead of 128-byte inode. I will fix it with the SuSE patch.

And I WAS ALREADY TOLD about a wildcard command, I thought it was a grub legacy lost command, from the 0.93 versions or so but no... it is a SuSE patch for GRUB so... it should work with SGD with no problems.

Now I will be able to give the users the ability to select their own kernels to boot with the version number 2.5.35 and select the device partition, I won't be able to read UUID though.

Boot Linux directly will be at last useful!!! Do you understand it?!!

After all of these enhacements I will work on the help menu that will show a txt showing the wiki and forum urls.

By the way do you have any ideas about how to use the dddd command in other useful options? You are welcome to tell all of them here.

Have a nice summer (or winter ;) to everyone.


P.S.: Forum replies were not automatically forwarded to the mailing list due to a problem. With this message I am going to check if everything works fine too. :) Thanks Tuxinger.

I suppose that some other people that would have tried to use the ml might have been unable to use it in the last two months or so.
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