Windows Vista and Linux How do I install Windows XP

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i installed grub and am now dual booting Ubuntu and Vista. I want to install XP here too. Can i install XP without Grub problems or should i do something first to prevent troubles ?

If you do not install Windows XP at the end of your drive partitions scheme will shift so you will have to edit menu.lst according to this new drive partition scheme.

If Windows XP is installed at the end of your drive you will not have to bother about grub menu.lst.

It does not matter where you install Windows XP... it will wipe MBR contents with its own contents. So you will have first to recover Vista boot (search the internet on how to do that) and then you will have to recover Grub boot (Smiley you can use SGD for that).

Check also these advices about Windows Vista not booting after a Linux installation they are very useful.